Green Chemicals Dako Produces Specialty Chemicals from Renewable Resources

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The company Dako produces ultrapure specialty chemicals, including oleic acid (90% purity), esters and emulsifiers from renewable feedstocks.

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Green chemicals from local sources
Green chemicals from local sources
(Picture: Michael Schwarzenberg (CC0))

Wiesentheid/Germany – The raw material base is domestic, renewable and produced in cooperation with farmers who live in the immediate vicinity of the company´s production site in Wiesentheid.

The applied biotechnological process of Dako is new and an in-house development. It eliminates all environmentally relevant disadvantages of conventional manufacturing processes, such as hot steam, extensive bleaching or metal catalysts. The results are products of high purity that are free of catalyst residues and therefore having a high hydrolytic as well as a high oxidation stability.