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Editor: Dominik Stephan

Increasing investments in oil and gas refining, petrochemicals, chemicals and fertilizers – both greenfield and brownfield projects – are expected to augment the demand of advanced process control (APC) solutions. Automation vendors can make the most of this market opportunity by customizing solutions to the specific needs of the end users.

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Advanced process control solutionsadvance in India
Advanced process control solutionsadvance in India
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New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Analysis of the Advanced Process Control and Process Optimization Market in India, finds that the market earned revenues of US $ 9.1 million during 2012 and expects this to reach US $ 12.9 million in 2016.

"Companies in India are trying to Increase Efficiency"

“Companies in India are trying to increase energy efficiency and are considering investments in appropriate advanced solutions,” said Frost & Sullivan the Industrial Automation & Process Control Analyst. “Advanced solutions with energy management features to address environmental concerns, comply with regulations, and improve plant efficiency are likely to enjoy high uptake.”

Real–Time Solutions are Top–Trend in Automation

Real-time process optimization and adaptive control are the need of the hour. Many plant owners are focusing on enhancing asset utilization by implementing advanced solutions. These solutions will also help achieve optimal plant efficiency, increase return on investment, and conserve energy.

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