Microdosing Conveying and Dosing of very Fine, Sticky and other Difficult Powders

Editor: M.A. Manja Wühr

Dec announces new advances in the field of microdosing (0.5 mg - 100 g) and presents the new design of the μPTS dosing unit.

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μPTS dosing unit
μPTS dosing unit
(Picture: Dec)

With up to 60 doses per minute, contactless electronic weight measurement, i.e. gravimetric dosing without balance, and online adaptable dose weight through in-process control (IPC) the μPTS sets new standards when dosing small quantities. The operation principle is based on the patented PTS technology and enables conveying and dosing of very fine, sticky and other difficult powders. For optimum containment in use with highly potent ingredients (APIs), the device can be integrated into an insolator. Versatile use from laboratory to production scale whether in the pharmaceutical, chemical or cosmetics industry, the μPTS stands for precision, easy cleaning (CIP / SIP) and high throughput.