Plansifters Control sifting everywhere

Editor: Kristin Breunig

The plansifters of Fuchs Maschinen are suitable for control sifting of bigger but also smaller, not very sensitive bulk material.

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Controlsifters Siftomat and Contromat VE
Controlsifters Siftomat and Contromat VE
(Source: Fuchs Maschinen)

Practically in all industrial areas universal Siftomat plansifters are used when it comes to processing large bulk material, to sizing, dedusting and control sifting. Typical applications are control sifting of products before packing, as well as control sifting of bulk material, grain size separating in up to four fractions in one pass or perfect sorting of longs and twins.

For control sifting of not very sensitive smaller bulk, the Contromat VE has proven to be specially suited. It is used where residuals and contaminations have to be sifted out of bulk materials. It is also used for continuous control sifting of bulk materials with small output rates and to prevent foreign particles and unwanted agglomerates from ­remaining in the final product.

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