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7 Steps for a Safe Machine Maintenance

Control of Safety Risks with Lockout/Tagout

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Control of Safety Risks with Lockout/Tagout

There still occur accidents during machine maintenance which cause high insurance payments and loss in productivity. The lockout/tagout guide helps you to control and limit the safety risks.

Lockout/tagout can save lifes and prevent accidents during machine maintenance. The programme and its tools enable safer machine inventions by completely isolating machinery from its engery source.

This lockout/tagout guide offers in six steps a broader insight in the implementation of the lockout/tagout saftety procedure.

You will find answers to questions like

- How does the policy relate to the tools?
- What does a successful logout/tagout programme imply
- What are the legal requirements

Analyse with checklists if your lockout/tagout programme is ready.

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Published: 02/22/2018 | BRADY GmbH

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