The Gold Snake by ContiTech – the top-quality water and cleaning hose with wide-ranging usability


Robust, durable and virtually indestructible. Classic hose with optimized product characteristics. Designed to handle challenging applications

For almost 90 years, the Gold Snake has reliably and safely conveyed water in the toughest conditions. Thanks to its optimized material design and construction, the highly flexible and extremely robust water and cleaning hose from ContiTech meets all the requirements for use in construction environments, out on open ground or with machinery, apparatus or containers. And these usage areas set the Gold Snake some stern tests, including withstanding high temperatures and extreme pressure, as well as heavy mechanical strain.


A hallmark of the Gold Snake’s quality is its reinforcements, made from a material manufactured in line with ContiTech’s own specifications and featuring an additional special bonding agent by the hose manufacturer in order to achieve special bond strength. The pressure-bearing textile ply makes the hose resistant to buckling and capable of being driven over. The premium hose’s specific elastomer compound is precisely tailored to meet requirements such as temperature resistance, pressure, robustness and flexibility. The classic hose thus delivers superior resistance to temperatures ranging from minus 30 to plus 100°C. The Gold Snake’s dirt-repellent cover means that the hose is resistant to oil, grease and chemicals as well as unaffected by ozone and UV radiation. Reliability and durability, as well as easy, hassle-free handling: These are the qualities of the brand-name hose, with the striking yellow snake pattern on its cover which gives it its name, that guarantee users the widest possible range of applications.

Photo caption:

Due to its easy handling, the flexible Gold Snake guarantees a wide range of possible applications – even where space is tight. Photo: ContiTech