Hose Solution from ContiTech for Safely Transporting Hydraulic Oil and Compressed Air


Hoses and hose lines are the backbones of modern industry. They are ideal wherever flexible transport connections are required for gases, fluids or solid materials.

Hydraulic hoses are therefore indispensable components of hydraulically powered equipment and assemblies. Air hoses deliver compressed air for driving cylinders and turbines, as well as pneumatic hammers and chisels. To ensure that the hydraulic and pneumatic hoses can reliably and safely meet all the demands made of them in commercial and industrial applications over the long term, great care must be taken in selecting the hose material. High-quality hoses manufactured to international standards and labeled accordingly, such as the hydraulic and pneumatic hoses from ContiTech, give users confidence that the materials and structures of the hoses have been tailored precisely to the fluid or gas to be conveyed, and to the conditions in which they are to be used. They also offer high quality industrial safety.

Material and design expertise

From a selection of around 20 standard rubbers, ContiTech develops specific elastomer compounds that perfectly match the required parameters. Furthermore, using sophisticated process technology, other features can be achieved, including precise wall thicknesses and optimum layer distribution. The material composition and design of the high-performance pneumatic and hydraulic hoses give them extraordinary robustness and high flexibility. Other characteristic properties include resistance to extreme temperatures, ozone and UV. As a result, they are highly resistant to the thermal and mechanical stresses to which they are subjected in daily operations. The use of high-quality materials in state-of-the-art, computer-controlled manufacturing facilities, as well as comprehensive quality controls during production, ensure that meter for meter, a hose is always of the same high quality.

Brand-name hoses for compressed air applications

The high-quality air hoses from ContiTech are durable and provide excellent operating safety thanks to their manufacture in compliance with standards. The highly flexible nature of the hoses and their smooth, dirt-resistant outer coatings contribute to their outstanding practicality. The Trix Blaustrahl is a specialist in heavy-duty compressed air applications. The highly flexible and robust pneumatic hose for industry, mining, quarrying, overground and underground engineering, the iron and steel industry, shipyards and manufacturers of compressors and pneumatic equipment meets the DIN EN ISO 2398 standard. The pneumatic hose is electrically conductive and, thanks to its good resistance to oil, is also suitable for transporting air with a high oil content. The smooth, black, dirt-resistant outer coating with six blue axial stripes is resistant to temperature and weathering. Manufactured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2398-1A and DIN 20018-1, the Air Trix from ContiTech is likewise designed for use in quarrying, overground and underground engineering, the iron and steel industry and shipyards, while this version of the robust pneumatic hose is also suitable for coal mining applications as per section 10 of the BVOS regulations. The hose is notable for its high flexibility, flex resistance and dimensional stability. Its black, abrasion-resistant outer coating with two sets of three axial blue stripes is resistant not only to ozone, weathering and UV but also to process water and to air containing oil.

Lifting and moving reliably

ContiTech flexible hydraulic hoses provide dependable and safe means of carrying hydraulic oil based on mineral oil, oil and aqueous emulsions and watery glycol solutions. Manufactured in accordance with the European DIN EN 854 product standard, the conductive hoses ensure that substances can be lifted and moved smoothly in mechanical engineering and on forklift trucks, earth-moving vehicles, lifters, excavators and agricultural machinery. The hydraulic hoses are resistant to temperature and to oils and greases. The black outer coating is abrasion-resistant and resistant to ozone and UV rays. This makes the hoses robust and durable equipment.

Check hose and fittings regularly

Although the high-quality hoses from ContiTech are known for their long and problem-free service lives, every hose is nonetheless subject to natural aging. Mechanical and atmospheric influences can accelerate the aging process. Users are therefore well advised to have the condition of the hoses checked regularly, either in-house by skilled staff or by a specialist hose line assembler. This ensures that any damage caused by material fatigue is spotted early and shutdowns to production or operations can be averted. 

Picture captions

Conti Hydraulikschlauch. Hydraulic hoses from ContiTech are indispensable structural elements on hydraulically powered equipment and forklift trucks, lifters and excavators. Photo: ContiTech