Versatile an Robust Mining Hose System with Wear Indication


Conti Ultimate carries various slurries, sand, crushed stone, and gravel. Lightweight and perfectly matched system. Conical sealing ensures durability.

The standout features of the new Conti Ultimate highly abrasion-resistant mining hose system are its broad application spectrum, easy couplings installation and numerous innovations such as a wear indication layer applied in the hose body.

The Conti Orange Liner is an optical wear indicator in the form of an orange intermediate layer between the rubber lining and the textile reinforcement. It allows the condition of the hose to be identified at any time quickly and with just a simple glance. If the Conti Orange Liner is showing through, the hose either has to be simply turned or completely replaced. That saves both unnecessary hose replacements and also production downtime because of a defective hose.

The flanges, which are made of a heavy-duty, rust-proof, seawater-resistant aluminum alloy, were developed in-house. They are a perfect fit with the hose and enable a secure connection between two hose ends. The flange bolt circles meet both European standard EN 1092-1 and US standard ANSI 16.5B.

The conical sealing, ensure absolute leak-free performance. Their form simplifies installation and maintenance and prevents the transported medium from coming into contact with the flanges and damaging them. In addition, the hose is pressed firmly against the flange by these, further enhancing the security of the connection.

The wear-resistant suction and delivery hose with its reusable couplings is particularly suitable for transporting various slurries, but as well sand, crushed stone and gravel. It is available in internal diameters from 51 to 610 mm and, depending on the diameter, in lengths between 10 and 40 m. It withstands temperatures from -40 to +80°C. Depending on the model, it has a rated operating pressure of 5 or 10 bar. A large safety margin means that the bursting pressure is 3.2 times the operating pressure.

“The fact that we are responsible for developing and manufacturing all the connecting elements ourselves gives our customers the security of a fully matched system,” emphasizes Konrad Matys, International Business Development Manager in the Industry Hose segment of ContiTech Industry Hose.



The Ultimate is hard-wearing suction and delivery hose with reusable couplings and wear indication.
Photo: ContiTech