Versatile an Robust Mining Hose System with Wear Indication With Superior Product Characteristics


ContiTech has a comprehensive range of hoses for the transportation of saturated steam. Dampf Trix 5000, Dampf Trix 6000 and Dampf Trix 6000 Oil are DIN EN ISO 6134 certified, great performers for industrial and commercial uses, and offer very high safety levels.

Super-heated steam is used in industry and commerce in a wide variety of ways, whether for heating tank wagons to transport temperature-dependent chemicals, to clean equipment in the oil industry, or as the most common source of energy for operating machinery. Hoses are indispensable as flexible connections for the safe transportation of super-heated steam to the place of use in the chemical and petrochemical industry, refineries, the building industry, gardening operations, and shipping. And a lot is demanded of them too: high pressure and high temperatures.

The latest generation of steam hose

With Dampf Trix 6000, ContiTech has optimized its range of hoses for conveying saturated steam and has set new benchmarks. The high quality hose proves that it is a reliable and secure piece of equipment for heavy long-term use thanks to its highly balanced construction. The particularly heat resistant inner and outer layer of the Dampf Trix 6000 made from high quality EPDM allows the hose to transport pure, saturated steam of up to 210°C at 18 bar, and even up to 220°C at 23 bar for shorter periods. Compared to its predecessor, the corrosion resistance of the pressure carrier has again been increased with the use of galvanized tensile members, while popcorning resistance of the inner layer of the hose has been improved significantly. This and the pricked outer layer contribute to the high safety standard of the steam hose by ContiTech.  The service life of the high-performance hose has also been extended. In a long-term pressure test, the Dampf Trix 6000 revealed itself to be far superior to other comparable hoses.

Low-wear construction design

As well as the Dampf Trix 6000, the second hose in the product family of ContiTech steam hoses, the Dampf Trix 5000, also offers a very high level of safety for conveying saturated steam thanks to its construction. The pressure carrier made from high-strength aramid gives the Dampf Trix 5000 significantly higher long-term temperature resistance than conventional textiles – up to 120o for hot water and up to 164o C for steam.

Conflict solved with Dampf Trix® 6000 Oil

ContiTech has extended its highly successful family of steam hoses through an innovative high-tech variant with the new Dampf Trix 6000 Oil, and has solved the current conflict between oil resistance on the one hand and high steam temperature resistance on the other in a unique and highly flexible rubber product. The newly developed oil-resistant outer layer makes this brand-name hose ideal for applications where external oil contamination used to result in the premature failure of steam hoses. The particularly temperature resistant inner layer made from high quality EPDM allows the hose to transport pure, saturated steam of up to 210°C at 18 bar, and even 220°C at 23 bar for shorter periods of time. Dampf Trix 6000 Oil fulfills all the test requirements of DIN EN ISO 6134 - 2B and its perfectly executed design makes it a reliable and safe piece of equipment – even under the most challenging of conditions – in the chemical and petro-chemical industry, in refineries, in the building industry, in shipping, and in numerous other industrial applications.

ContiTech Dampf Trix:       
With their impressive product characteristics, the Dampf Trix hoses by ContiTech prove that they are an extremely reliable and secure piece of equipment for heavy long-term use in refineries, in the chemical and petro-chemical industry, in shipping or in the construction industry.
Photo: ContiTech