Dry Granulation Continuous Processes Made Possible

| Editor: Dominik Stephan

L. B. Bohle reacted to the market demand: Now the dry granulator Bohle BRC enables continuous processes. "During this project, we asked in detail for our customers demands," explains Thorsten Wesselmann, head of development engineering and mechanics at L. B. Bohle. The electro magnetic drive shall help to overcome problems with the press force control via common hydraulic systems.

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Granulates for tablets with a new grinder from L. B. Bohle...
Granulates for tablets with a new grinder from L. B. Bohle...
(Picture: PROCESS India)

The roll compactor grinds flowing powders down to fine granulates: At first, the powder is fed in via a dosing unit between to rollers with a gap of 1 and 4 mm in between. With this process, a granulate of exactly defined density or porosity can be produced, the manufacturer states. After this step, the granulates can be pressed to tablets.

The force on the rollers as well as the gap width are controlled electronically and are included in a defined control loop to ensure the optimum possible process parameter. Beneath the rollers, a comminutor grinds down the scabs to smaller granulates. Screening is done by a conical sieve array with interchangeable sieves.