Mixers Container Mixers For the Production of Spices

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Amixon presents a series of new container mixers, ideally suited for the production of spices, but also for use as a reactor.

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Container mixer for the production of spices
Container mixer for the production of spices
(Picture: Amixon)

In the fast-moving world of the spice industry, the challenge is to adapt oneself quickly and uncomplicatedly to the customer’s requirements. The trend is towards “taste experiences”: new compositions are continually being tried out, especially in the convenience food segment. The specific aroma that constitutes the taste of the spice can only develop if the correct composition and homogeneity exist.

The Amixon container mixer type COM meets these requirements thanks to its high flexibility where the use of changing formulations is concerned, but also with regard to the ideal mixtures which the machine produces. The comfortable, labour-saving operability should also be emphasised. Owing to its comprehensive special equipment, the mixer is practically universally usable; new areas of application are continually being found for the most diverse process sequences. The machines from this series frequently provide impetus for the user’s process and product development.

The mixer is also ideally suited for use as a reactor. To this end the mixing container is replaced by a pressure-proof and vacuum-tight reactor container. This can be heated by a double jacket or by electrical means and is insulated and designed for vacuum operation. Intensive heat transfer to the mixture is ensured. The Reactainer is closed underneath by a gas-tight, pressure-proof shut-off valve. Pumpable materials can be mixed, steamed, boiled and processed in this container mixer, but it can also be used for suspensions and loose bulk materials as well as for liquids and creams.

It is well-known that the utility value of a mixing dryer depends heavily on the achievable evaporation power. This figure can be increased beyond that of the heated Mixtainer, because the mixing device is also heated. This achieves the same drying results as paddle dryers, but in a significantly shorter time.

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