Japan: Electrolyte Solution Production Construction Completed at Nagoya Works

Editor: Alexander Stark

Mitsui Chemicals have announced the completion of construction of its electrolyte solution production facilities, which have been built at Nagoya Works.

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Nagoya Works, Mitsui Chemicals
Nagoya Works, Mitsui Chemicals
(Source: Mitsui Chemicals)

Nagoya/Japan — Demand for lithium-ion batteries has expanded in line with growth of laptop, smartphone, and tablet device markets. In the future, eco-friendly hybrid and electric vehicles are expected to become widespread in East Asia including China, and in Japan as well, growth in the electrolyte solution market is forecasted especially for vehicles.

Mitsui Chemicals owns electrolyte solution production facilities at Formosa Mitsui Advanced Chemicals, a joint venture between Mitsui Chemicals and Formosa Plastics Corporation to respond to rising domestic demand for lithium-ion battery-use electrolyte solution. Domestically, it has developed an electrolyte solution business in the form of contract production. With the startup of new facilities at Nagoya Works scheduled in April 2017, the company intends to actively promote domestic business expansion and gradually move away from its existing contract production toward production at the new facilities.

The company will put in place a system to produce and distribute high quality electrolyte solution, taking advantage of its many years of technical expertise. In doing so, it will continue to strengthen and expand its electrolyte solution business with a focus on the mobility domain.

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