Achema 2018 Connect at Achema 2018: Net-Working for the Future of Chemicals

Author / Editor: Dominik Stephan* / Jan Boxberger

The growth factor: Achema 2018 becomes connected — The process industry sets course for the future: Achema 2018 offers much more than "just" chemistry with the combination of the value-added chains, the laboratory of the future and the new pharmaceutical logistics hotspot.

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The world of chemicals in Frankfurt: More than 3,800 companies and 170,000 vistors turn the Achema into a hub for new ideas.
The world of chemicals in Frankfurt: More than 3,800 companies and 170,000 vistors turn the Achema into a hub for new ideas.
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The ingredients for growth: At Achema, the industry is not just networking in the Internet of Things: The 32th edition of the leading trade fair for chemistry (tickets here) is more connected than ever. If biotechnology and chemistry cooperate to develop completely new synthesis routes from gene to product, networked field devices and cloud computing make process control more flexible or future production plants are put together module by module, there is little room for silo mentality.

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The bare figures underscore this trend: In 2018, the organizers expect more than 3,800 exhibitors and 170,000 participants from 100 countries, with the proportion of international companies rising again. As a result, Achema remains a world leader — no other industry event attracts a similar participations, the organizers say.

The fair also brings together concentrated practical know-how among its visitors: With 40 % engineers, 19 % technicians or laboratory employees and 14 % chemists and physicists, the event becomes a hub for ideas and innovations.

The trend towards specialization and increasingly potent drugs requires hermetically sealed processes. The consequence: in future, more and more production processes will have to be set up as containment systems.

What challenges pose the trend towards smaller maximum flexibility and of course the highest possible security? Responses from unmanned, robot-controlled processes via disposable reactors and CIP / SIP processes will be presented at Achema in Hall 3.0 and 3.1.

On the Safe Side at Achema

Everything connected: The Internet of Things is about to bridge the gap between the physical and the virtual world. Under the heading Industry 4.0, plant engineers, automation specialists and software developers are working on the connected production of tomorrow. Are labs falling behind in the digitalisation race? If you do not want to wait for the future, you can take a little journey through time in halls 4.1 and 4.2.

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From drug safety via traceability to temperature control, pharmaceutical logistics must keep an eye on the entire supply chain. Whether global or local — under the revised GDP regulation, manufacturers must ensure that their medicines are consistently adhered to.

Meanwhile, traceability and Track & Trace ensure ever-increasing volumes of data as pharmaceutical logistics are becoming digital. If you understand the topic not just as a cost factor, but as an opportunity, you will find inspiration at the Logistics Hotspot in Hall 1.1.

Control and Automation at Achema 2015
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Towards the IIoT-Age for Chemicals 4.0

Mechanical processes and bulk solids technology sometimes find it hard to be heard over keywords such as digitization or IoT. And yet: in times of ever more complex product characteristics and rising quality demands, the industry is showing more revolutionary results than expected.

Latest, considering that nanotechnology would be inconceivable without mechanical processes, the supposed dinosaur is surprisingly revolutionary. Last but not least, there is also room for Industry 4.0 in a classic industry such as mechanical processes — Hall 5.0, 5.1, 6.0.

Automation and Engineering at Achema

Without measuring technology and automation, the process industry would stand still — therefore, automation manufacturers, users and associations will meet in hall 11 at the Achema 2018 for an intensive exchange of experience. In the past two years, the keyword Industry 4.0 has given the industry a huge boost.