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Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis

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Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis

Ventilation of released gas from stabilized precursor during its carbonization is of importance for high quality carbon fiber manufacturing.

Careful consideration of the released gas from stabilized precursor during its carbonization is of im-portance for design of the carbonization system. The impact of the carbonization reaction on the process energy required, off-gas composition, atmosphere properties are important to the continued scale-up of higher production rate carbon fiber systems. The carbonization of stabilized precursor typically takes place with nitrogen cover gas to protect the carbon fiber from oxidation. Defining the off-gas in carbonization performed in the furnace system is the first step in understanding the mixture of nitrogen and off-gas. The thermodynamic and transport properties of this gas mixture and heat effect of reac-tion are also defined in terms of the range of possible gas compositions at given thermodynamic variables. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis was performed on the nitrogen cover gas and process off-gas to determine off-gas concen-tration differences as well as flow uniformity within the process. For carbon fiber carbonization uniformity of the process is of utmost importance. For economic processing of carbon fiber, the properties of the fiber must be consistent across the width of the tow band. Maintaining consistent temperature and atmosphere conditions result in uniformity of processing carbon fiber. The detailed decomposition mechanism with consideration of temperature, time, and tension is not fully un-derstood. For this CFD work a simplified model of the gas evolution was considered.

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Published: 08/03/2016 | Harper International

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