Process Technology Compact Continuous Agglomeration and Next-generation Control Systems

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Glatt presents several new developments, including a compact system for continuous agglomeration and a modular control system that is easy to customize.

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GF Modflex is particularly suitable for use in confined spaces or rooms with low ceilings.
GF Modflex is particularly suitable for use in confined spaces or rooms with low ceilings.
(Source: Glatt)

For the first time, Glatt has introduced a compact, newly developed fluidized bed system for the continuous spray agglomeration of fine powders and powder blends. GF Modflex enables the production of uniformly porous, virtually dust-free, outstandingly soluble and very easily dosed granules. The process also ensures the homogenous incorporation of ingredients into agglomerates, opines the firm.

Being a gentle process, the nutritional and functional properties of the ingredients are preserved. When it comes to product quality, the new system is by no means inferior to its big ‘brothers’. Specially designed for production volumes of 100–3000 kg/h and, thanks to its compact design with space-saving filters, it is particularly suitable for use in confined spaces or rooms with low ceilings, states the company. Another plus: installation times are reduced by more than a third.

According to the firm, the Atex-compliant, wash-in-place (WIP) version solves two key challenges when processing powdery substances: cleaning operations are semi- or fully automated, time-saving and effective, and explosive powders can be processed safely. Depending on the application, the spray nozzles can be supplied as either top or bottom spray versions.

Glatt’s next-generation process controllers, Glatt View Varia, are also modular. Two standard variants are currently available, which can be customized according to customer requirements. Varia, the reasonably priced entry level version, offers a range of basic functions with the facility to upgrade at a later date. The Varia+ is designed for highly automated systems and provides extensive information and diagnostic functions. The scalable, open Scada system for process visualization is based on the proven Wincc and is used with the latest generation of Siemens controllers.

Specially developed add-ons can further increase process control and plant availability, and existing Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and ERP systems can also be connected. The new control platform helps users to shorten delivery and commissioning times. Online customer support is available to provide help and advice.

Glatt’s ever popular planning services, from single modules to turnkey projects, are not only available to the global pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, but also for producers of fertilizer, food and animal feed, and within the chemistry and fine chemicals industry.

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