Energy-efficient Bevel Gears Compact Class

Author / Editor: Reinhold Schäfer / Dipl.-Medienwirt (FH) Matthias Back

At the Hannover Fair, SEW-Eurodrive presents its new compact bevel gears K19 (up to 80 Nm) and K29 (up to 130 Nm) for the lower power range.

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The compact gear series K19 and K29 complement the extensive bevel gear family from SEW-Eurodrive.
The compact gear series K19 and K29 complement the extensive bevel gear family from SEW-Eurodrive.
(Photo: SEW-Eurodrive)

Energy efficency in drives is in no way limited to electrical components alone. Under the motto “Seeing the whole picture”, SEW-Eurodrive looks at the mechanical components as well. These new bevel gears are energy-efficient in operation, of compact construction and of low purchase cost, we hear from SEW.

With these, the firm says, further energy-efficient mechanical drives in the product category “Classic” are available, covering the lower power range up to 130 Nm. “The high efficiency of these gears enables energy savings to the highest degree. SEW-Eurodrive thus offers its customers, in combination with directly mountable motors in energy-saving classes up to IE4, a sustainable product which leads, in the course of its utilisation phase, to a substantial saving of resources, while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions,” says Dr. Meinhard Schumacher, Business Development Manager for the Business Unit Classic at SEW Eurodrive. In addition, the high gear efficiency is said to enable the use of smaller motors, resulting in lighter and more compact complete drive units.

These bevel gear drives can be combined with any of the manufacturer’s motors. These include the standard asynchronous motors of the DR range – including the LSPM motors (IE4) – and the CMP synchronous servo-motors. From the energy-efficiency point of view, the DRC electronic motor (IE4) is particularly suitable.

The K19 and K29 low-loss, two-stage gears have hypoid gears in the output stage. They are available in three different transmission ratios, with which the gears achieve overall transmission ratios between 3 and 70 approximately. The gear teeth are designed for high endurance and are said to enable almost zero-wear operation.

The universal housing in aluminium is suitable for foot or shaft mounting. Three base boards, supplied as standard, enable connection to the drive machine, even where space is critical. Typical areas of application are as lifters for small loads or in conveyor units in the automobile industry, in transport and logistics as well as in the food- and drink-processing industries.

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