Laboratory Rotary Evaporators Combining Good Ergonomics with Affordability

Editor: Gabriele Ilg

The new RC 600 rotary evaporator from KNF is a lower-cost version of the company’s established RC 900 model, with many of the same advantages in terms of easy handling.

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(Picture: Butcher)

“We asked our customers what they wanted, and they told us they value compactness and simplicity of operation,” said Gunter Bostelmann, Manager LAB Focus Team. Accordingly, the RC 600 has a snap-lock flask connector that allows easy one-handed operation. The heating bath is cordless, thanks to a power connection that uncouplesautomatically as soon as the bath is picked up, and it shield-like shape is easy to handle.

Setting the immersion depth of the flask simply requires a knob to be turned. Competitors’ systems are often more complicated to adjust, Bostelmann says, and run the risk of breaking the condenser if handled clumsily. A simple control knob adjusts the bath temperature and rotational speed. Other functions are operated centrally via a membrane keypad, with a memory function to record the current immersion depth and rotation speed. The glass condenser is coated for safety, and the flexible tubes clip securely in place. Also new is the SCC 950 vacuum pump with its dual controller (photo).

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