Combining Easy Integration with Highly Accurate Density Measurement

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Although the sensor is very compact, the measuring tube of the sensor has a diameter of 7 mm. For this reason, depending on the shape and number, particle contamination of 1 mm to 2 mm in size poses no problem. Even if the customer wants a classic bypass solution or this is necessary due to the process conditions, a 7 mm diameter solution is ideal.

This means it is possible to use a cost-efficient 10 mm or 15 mm bypass system which causes only minimal additional operating costs. A comprehensive range of different bypass adapters is available to customers. Due to the modular design of the system and the resulting flexibility, customer requirements for DN 6 to DN 450 have been successfully met. It is also easily possible to provide customer-specific solutions.


Ideal for Flow Rate Measurement

The combination of a compact design and highly accurate density measurement make the sensors of the L- Dens 4X7 series the ideal solutions for flow-rate measurement. Multiplication of these two measuring parameters gives the mass flow and also provides precise automatic quality control for allocation metering. The whole system stands out for its compact design and low resistance to flow. With an upgrade it is possible to minimize the mass balance error, e.g. of a tank farm.

The easy integration and measuring cycle every second form the ideal basis for automating the product identification at multi-product pipelines and unloading stations. This minimizes the danger of product losses. The compact density sensors are also used at airports at the tank farms or dispensers. The density of the jet fuel can be measured using the highly accurate density sensor and the weight of the fuel calculated exactly. Due to the excellent price-performance ratio and low-cost integration, the density sensors are also often used during distillation. The ethanol concentrations can be measured with an accuracy of up to 0.06 %v/v.

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