Measurement Combining Easy Integration with Highly Accurate Density Measurement

Editor: Dominik Stephan

When deciding which process measuring technology to buy, the integration costs play a decisive role. The costs for altering a plant are often higher than the cost of new sensor equipment. This makes it all the more important that the sensors can be easily integrated into the plant. ith 30 years of experience in process measuring technology, Anton Paar can help customer to select the right measurement solution for their application.

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Easy integration – highly accurate density measurement
Easy integration – highly accurate density measurement
(Picture: Anton Paar)

For years Anton Paar has focused on providing plant operators with process data such as density, sound velocity, concentrations and viscosity values - with the highest accuracy and reliability and the minimum amount of required work. Besides the accuracy, long service life and durability, the ease of process integration plays a decisive role. Each customer request therefore requires an assessment to evaluate which sensor is best suited to the requirements.

With the wide range of process sensors at their disposal, the application experts first assess which physical property best represents the process parameter to be measured. The application team is able to use state-of-the-art laboratory measuring technologies from Anton Paar. A further benefit: The same measuring technology is used in the laboratory and in process. Often the assessment reveals that the density value is the best physical property for the measurement. However, this previously had the disadvantage that the integration of the sensor into the plant was very time-consuming.

Easy Integration in Demanding Installations

The new generation of density sensors from Anton Paar combines the highest measuring accuracy with easy process integration. The density sensors are lightweight and compact. To withstand the toughest environmental conditions their housing is made of stainless steel. The sensors have no moving parts and are completely maintenance-free. The modular range includes sensors made of different materials and a number of process adapters. Besides the classic bypass adapters there are numerous inline adapters available which enable easy installation. Different communication interfaces are available to ensure easy integration.

The installation with inline adapters, which is favored by many customers, is the easiest way to integrate the density sensor into the plant. These adapters work according to the dynamic pressure principle, also called the pitot tube. The principle is a classic example of the use of Bernoulli's equation. The flow speed in the process line is used to supply the density sensor with sufficient throughput of sample. The losses are minimal and the running costs in combination with the maintenance-free sensors are virtually zero.

Due to these benefits, installations with inline adapters are frequently found in the chemical and petroleum industries as well as in the beverage industry. The sensors are typically installed using a DN-50 flange. In the beverage industry a Varivent-N flange is used. The sensor is mounted directly on the flange and requires no additional support.

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