Cloud-based Data Management Collaborative, Intelligent, 2D and 3D Plant Design

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Bentley Systems has announced the availability of the Open Plant Connect Edition, the latest of Bentley’s plant design offerings. The new edition allows users in the process and manufacturing industries to improve design and operations based on open data standards.

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Improve design efficiency with Open Plant Connect Edition.
Improve design efficiency with Open Plant Connect Edition.
(Source: Bentley Systems)

Open Plant Connect now provides owner-operators and engineering, procurement, and construction companies the ability to design and manage their plant data through cloud-based services, while supporting reliable and asynchronous project visibility, anytime, anywhere, states the firm. The edition is the first application in Bentley’s multi-discipline plant design to utilise I Model Hub, Bentley’s cloud service, which tracks all changes made to project designs and notifies users of changes.

According to the company, participants can choose to synchronise to and from particular timeline milestones and can visualise, summarise, analyze, and interpret the impact of ongoing changes. Utilising the integration between Open Plant and I Model Hub, users can synchronise 3D models from Open Plant with I Model Hub, to view and query the model data in a web-based interface. Users can also perform 2D and 3D consistency checking through integration with Open Plant PID.

A full history of all the changes made to the 3D model and 2D designs are synchronised to I Model Hub, including who made changes, what was changed, when changes were made, and the date the changes were completed, adds the firm.

In addition, the edition with I Model Hub improves plant design collaboration and saves project time with the following capabilities, opines the company:

• Easy access to project data through ProjectWise and ProjectWise Connection Services for cloud-based workflows granting access to services for data editing, tag creation, reporting, and dashboarding of all user data that has been synchronised to I Model Hub

• Improved isometric production with the additional ability to generate isometrics based on pipeline data that has been synchronised with I Model Hub

• Enhanced interaction with third-party data via the ability to review PDMS, E3D, and Smart 3D data and models in the context of the connected data environment that provides all the change tracking implicit with the use of I Model Hub.

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