Particle Counters Clean Fluids with New Particle Counters

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

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Clean fluids should not contain solid particles. For this purpose Pamas develops and produces Automatic Particle Counters. Particle measuring technology is used to control the cleanliness of the liquid and to identify quality deficiencies. In lubricating oil for instance, particle contamination might damage the bearing of moving components. The optical sensor technology that until now used for automatic particle counting was based on the principle of Light Extinction and detected particle sizes down to one micron. Pamas now presents its latest achievement in sensor technology and complies with the demands of the oil, automotive and filter industries and with their need to analyse smaller particle sizes. The Scattered Light Sensor SLS-25/25 detects particle sizes down to 0.5 micron. In opposition to the method of Light Extinction, the Scattered Light Technique does not measure the extincted light, but the light pulse created by the particle in the illuminated flow volume. With the help of Scattered Light, smallest particle sizes may also be measured.

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