Polymer Production Clariant Expands Polymer Production in Argentina

Editor: Dominik Stephan

To cater the South-American market with an enhanced product portfolio, Clariant expanded it's production capacities for emulsios in Argentina.

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(Picture: Courtesy of Clariants)
(Picture: Courtesy of Clariants)

Muttenz/Switzerland – Speciality chemicals company Clariant recently scaled up it's production capacity for copolymers and terpolymers in Argentina. The company also expects to be able to expand the product portfolio of it's Argentinean production sites, built in 1986, by additional alternatives for emulsions to solvent varnishes and enamels as well as a new terpolymer production line.

“The introduction of our new products, with their commercial and technical benefits, will support our customers in both expanding their current business activities and in exploring new areas", highlights the director and global head of Business Unit Emulsions, Sven Schultheis. Guillermo Bruno, Clariant's Emulsions Business Unit Manager for Argentina hopes that the recent expansion also benefits markets in Uruguay and Paraguay, which are served by this facility.