Metropolitan Solutions Cities with a Future

Editor: Anke Geipel-Kern

For the second time, Metropolitan Solutions will be shining the spotlight on the city of the future and the challenges ahead. Energy shortages, water scarcity, pollution and logistical bottlenecks are just a few of the problems which the new urban centers have to grapple with.

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Learn how the city of the future might look like. (Bild: Hannover Messe)
Learn how the city of the future might look like. (Bild: Hannover Messe)

The Forum which accompanies the event will be staged in Hall 26 on Monday through Friday to address issues such as energy-efficient buildings, municipal water supply and drainage, urban mining (the city as a source of raw materials), mobility and urban development. Experts from industry, research, urban planning and municipal government will discuss holistic urban visions, intelligent municipal supply infrastructure, and financing solutions for large cities.

Beacon Projects will show examples of visionary urban development. Embedded in the program will be a Municipal Day and a special China event which will provide a convergent perspective on “mature” cities in the old industrialized nations and the rapidly growing urban centers in emerging countries and explore common approaches to problem resolution.