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Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

The “Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum”(VPEIF) organized by PharmaTEC under Vogel Business Media has been hold for eight years successfully. As the brother event of annual activities VPEIF, the first Vogel Pharmaceutical Training Seminar (VPTS) in 2017 took place in Zhuhai focusing on the pharmaceutical producers in south China to grasp the opportunities brought by the transfer of international pharmaceutical industry to emerging countries such as China.

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Over 80 participants visited the VPTS in southern China. Quality Management and GMP were In focus of this seminar.
Over 80 participants visited the VPTS in southern China. Quality Management and GMP were In focus of this seminar.
(Picture PharmaTEC China)

Beijing/China – This seminar took place around the topic “monoclonal antibody research and development, biological agents engineering/research and development, laboratory instruments and equipment, etc.” and interact with the audiences. By then it is expected there are over 80 audiences at the scene and around 3,500 audiences watching the live broadcasting.


Starting from specific demand of quality-relevant some fields of pharmaceutical industry, through discussion on advanced concepts of international pharmaceutical industry, the seminar helped domestic pharmaceutical enterprises develop in line with the GMP requirements and introduce advanced thought and technology to push for the overall enhancement of the industry and the technical communication all over the world.

The trainers of this seminar came from senior R & D personnel in monoclonal antibody field in Livzon Group and other groups like Tofflon and Austar. At the end of the seminar, some audiences visited Livzon Pharmaceutical. Livzon is a comprehensive enterprise group integrating research and development, production and sales as a whole. Now the company is committed to the strategic transformation towards biological pharmaceuticals to open up the deployment in the “precision medical treatment” field.

The VPEIF will take place in Changzhou in June this year and VPTS will also be held all over the country.

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