IE Expo 2015 Chinas Environmental Initiative Brings Bright Prospects for IE Expo Exhibitors

Editor: Dominik Stephan

China's government wants to fight the country's significant environmental problems with a tighter legislation. Thus, suppliers of the necessary technology and services required to achieve this — from China and around the world — are expecting business to improve still further, the IE Expo, Asia’s leading environmental technology, shows.

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Legislation gives new impetus for air-pollution control in China Good prospects for exhibitors at IE expo 2015.
Legislation gives new impetus for air-pollution control in China Good prospects for exhibitors at IE expo 2015.
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Shanghai/PR China – In January this year tighter environmental legislation came into effect in China. One of the core objectives is to combat air pollution. Industrial companies are now obliged to publish their emission values. Companies that do not adhere to the environmental regulations will be subject to successive fines and may even face the threat of production shutdown. In addition, non-governmental organizations will have the right to bring legal action against any companies that infringe the legislation. One other measure, which will have a wide-ranging effect, concerns local governments — they will have greater responsibility for ensuring the implementation of the national environmental goals at local level. Failure to do so will incur legal sanctions.

Impact of the new Environmental Policy

Ralph Büchele, Green Tech expert at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, is confident that "stricter limit values, de facto implementation of the planned measures and tougher sanctions can have a strong impact on the Chinese environmental technology market in the coming years." Demand will be diverse and comprehensive, he says. "Following a phase during which the emphasis will be on analysis and consultation, attention will then focus on choosing the right solutions. One of the options could be to upgrade existing plant by retrofitting systems to clean emission gases. With new facilities, however, there will be a demand for process-integrated solutions with high engineering performance", adds Büchele.

Opportunities for IE Expo Exhibitors

IE Expo is an excellent opportunity for bringing together both sides of this market: the worldwide suppliers of environmental services and technology and potential customers in China. The exhibitors in the segment on air-pollution control have particularly high hopes: "The new legislation presents excellent business prospects for companies offering solutions to combat environmental pollution", says, for example, Leon Xu, Chief Executive Officer of BioMintec Environment (Shanghai).

His company, which originates from Finland, manufactures environmentally-friendly bonding agents, used for example in mines, stone quarries, power stations and ports to prevent dust emissions. For two years now one of the Chinese government’s top-priority environmental goals has been to tackle the problem of dust with particle sizes of under 2.5 micrometers.

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