Market Survey Chemical Industry with a Positive Outlook for the Future

Editor: Dominik Stephan

A recent market survey by Ceresana highlights a positive outlook for the chmical industry: about 43 perecnt of the questioned companies expect an improvement of their economical situations within the next year, Ceresana analysts say.

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The outlook in the chemical industry is good, says a recent survey by Ceresana. (Source: Ceresana)
The outlook in the chemical industry is good, says a recent survey by Ceresana. (Source: Ceresana)

Konstanz/Germany – Good news from the chemical industry: a recent survey by Ceresana research attests a positive climate within the industry. 40 percent of the participants in the Ceresana Industry Monitor (CIM) survey assessed their business situation in September as good. Despite the global uncertainity and economic instabilities, only ten percent of the questioned participants ranked their situation as poor. Interesting is also the fact that large companies generally asses their situation more positive than smaller players (turnovers less than € 500).

About 25 percent of the questioned companies expect a change to the worse within the next 6 to 12 months. This is contrasted by 43 percent of the participants that expect an improvement. Especially prominent among these are the manufactures of plastics and elastomers as well as other petrochemical branches. Ceresana therefore sees no signs of a coming downturn in the chemical industry. Companies, that rated their current situation as good generally believe in a bright future: about 80 percent of these firms to not expect a change for the worse. Particularly Asian companies expect a positive trend.


Growth Expected From Green Technologies

New technologies and fields of activity like renewable energies or bio–based feedstock are regarded as especially promising. Chemical companies evaluate the field of transport & mobility as important as environmental protection when asked about their most important future markets, Ceresana says.

Despite the challenge that new technologies offer, more companies are willing to increase their marketing expenses than R&D expenditures, the survey revealed. Promising future activities are expected from research co–operations with universities or clients, especially in the plastics industry.

Positive Trends For Employees

With this generally positive outlook it is no surprise that companies expect future expenses for personnel and staff. About 35% of the respondents want to hire additional employees, while only 14% plan cutbacks.

Slight Cooling Off Expected

Ceresana's CIM Barometer, a methodology that displays business situation, expectations, and the resulting trends on a scale from -50 to +50, with positive figures indication a positive trend, reflecting the current business climate of the surveyed chemical and plastic companies at a glance. The present business situation achieves 14.9 points; expectations register 10.2 points. The resulting business climate is at 12.6 points. Nevertheless, Ceresana analysts say, a slight cooling of for the chemical industry – which is still in a very good state – is quite likely.