EU Energy Policy Chemical Industry Welcomes Favorable EU Energy Package

Editor: Dominik Stephan

As the EU settles on the outlines of a future common energy policy in its recently released ‘Winter Package’, Interest groups position themselves along the sidelines. While environmentalists criticise a „lack of vision on renewables“, the chemical industry welcomes the agenda.

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“It is markets, not targets that will drive change" – Marco Mensink, Cefic Director General.
“It is markets, not targets that will drive change" – Marco Mensink, Cefic Director General.
(Source: Cefic)

Brussels/Belgium – The European Commission has agreed on a new energy guideline: By 2030, energy efficiency in the EU shall be increased by 30%, compared to 1990 levels. A common 27% goal for renewable energy was never the less not shared out in detail between the Union states, although existing objectives called for it. Furthermore, these targets are not binding and not accompanied by a common effort sharing system.

Thus, enviromentalists and renewable activists critisze the agenda as lacking visions and without actual effect – but the industry is conteneded: “Markets, not targets that will drive change,” said Marco Mensink, Director General of the European Chemical Industry Association Cefic.


Markets, not Targets will Drive Change

“Many will react today on the level of ambitions. But that is not the core of the debate. We can only achieve goals if Europe’s energy markets are truly functioning. Connecting national markets, securing gas supply and integrating mature renewables into the grids are what counts to deliver secure sustainable and affordable energy for globally competing industries.”

Cefic now calls upon the Commission to secure that member states take action. “Empowering the ACER agency that oversees this package and regular reporting by member states is crucial”, the association stated.

While Europe’s chemical companies call for a policy that focusses on increasing support for future technologies instead of state aid and capacity mechanisms, the industry expresses its confidence that the new package represents a business opportunity for chemical companies. Especially the EU’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Directive are expected to generate business opportunities for chemical manufacturers.

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