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Chemical Industry Overcomes Crisis Aftermath

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Chemical Industry Profits from Dynamics on the Emerging Markets

Traditional producers of chemicals like Japan (minus 5.4 percent) or the United States (minus 8.3 percent), nevertheless, lost market shares to competitors from South America or East-Asia. The VCI sees these tendencies as a natural result of the growth in emerging markets, where markets develop with more dynamics than they do in fully industrialised countries. These figures, emphasises the association, do not mean that there is no grwoth in Europe, Japan or the U.S. – it is just significantly slower than in other markets.

Demand for Chemicals Shifts to Threshold Countries

The demand for basic chemicals follows this market trend: According to the study, Asia consumes about one half of the global chemicals output. Europe's share is about quarter, as is its share in terms of chemicals production, while the NAFTA-states consume about 20 percent of the global chemicals output. The per-capita consumption of these threshold countries is still below the level of fully industrialised economies (e.g. € 1,800 in the U.S. compared to € 600 in China), but is expected to rise with rising incomes and wealth.

New production facilities arise foremost in countries with dynamic economies: currently especially China, India and Indonesia, the most populated countries, are becoming fast growing producers of chemicals. The Middle-East, another booming region, profits from its fortunate supply with raw materials and energy as well as from capital invests in the basic chemicals business. In Eastern Europe especially Poland, Lituvia and Slovenia performed exceptionally.

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