Chemical Engineering World Exhibition with Optimistic Outlook for 2012

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“Germany’s Third–Biggest Sector has had a Good Start”

And the panel members at the industrial press conference take the same view. “Germany’s third-biggest sector has had a predominantly good start to the year,” says Utz Tillman, CEO of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI), who expects a one-percent growth in turnover for the current year, 2012. The same is true for the Process Plant and Equipment Association, a Specialist Group within the German Engineering Federation.

Exports, in particular, have nothing to hide. Last year, equipment constructors sold machines worth €4.6 billion as exports, almost as much as in the boom year 2008. But a small touch of bitterness was provided by Gottlieb Hupfer, Chairman of the Board at Envirochemie and Chairman of the Specialist Group. For 2012, the production growth prognosis has been revised from plus four to zero percent. This is apparently because of “flattening off of the economy in China and the considerable uncertainties, particularly in Europe”.

New Structure — New Plans

In the economic crisis three years ago, Achema has already proved that it can cope with heavy seas, and the debt discussion in the EU is, in comparison with 2009, a gentle breeze. There are therefore good grounds for the slogan “Hands-On Sector Optimism” which Scheuring has chosen for the fair this year. The new structure of the Dechema, which has since February been sub-divided into the Dechema Research Institute Foundation, the non-profit Dechema e.V. and the exhibition organisation Exhibition-GmbH, is intended to separate the business operations of the fair from the non-profit association, opening ways into international fields of operation. Which fields are to be targeted has not yet been concretised: the fundamental wish is to be wherever the music is playing, says Scheuring....

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