ACHEMA 2012 Chemical Engineering World Exhibition with Optimistic Outlook for 2012

Author / Editor: Anke Geipel-Kern / Dr. Jörg Kempf

The flagship of the process industry is sailing in much more peaceful waters this year than just three years ago. The process industry has come out of the economic crisis stronger and ACHEMA should, according to the wishes of the organisers, profit from this.

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From June 18–22, Frankfurt once again is the Mecca of the process industry.
From June 18–22, Frankfurt once again is the Mecca of the process industry.
(Picture: Dechema)

Before the beginning of a major fair, every organiser probably wishes he had the famous crystal ball, revealing the events at the fair to come and releasing him from the last trace of uncertainty, which is still there despite the good prognoses. At Achema, which opens its doors on June 18, 2012 in Frankfurt/Germany, it is no different, especially since the economic barometer is pointing to fair weather, but in the rest of the European Union the prospects are overshadowed by the Euro crisis.

Another aggravating factor is the accumulation of events in booming Germany this year: Analytica, Hannover Messe and IFAT, all in the category of trend-setting fairs and, correspondingly, exercising strong attraction on visitors and exhibitors.

ACHEMA with Double-Figure Growth Rates for Exhibitors from China and India (

One thing is clear, however: despite — or perhaps precisely because of — these factors, expectations for the flagship of the worldwide process industry are high. Not least because the organisers themselves have set the bar high and risked, at the traditional Dechema industrial press conference, the prognosis that visitor numbers would lie slightly above those of the last Achema, which no less than 173,000 visitors attended.

Double-figure growth rates for exhibitors from China and India (in total 120 and 180 respectively), substantial increases with South Korea, Taiwan and Eastern Europe, and more than half of the public consisting of international visitors — the facts enumerated by Thomas Scheuring, CEO of the newly-founded Dechema Exhibition-GmbH, speak for themselves.

And the panel members at the industrial press conference take the same view. “Germany’s third-biggest sector has had a predominantly good start to the year,” says Utz Tillman, CEO of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI) .... more on page 2!