Particle Size Measurement Characterize Aerosols

Editor: Doris Popp

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(Picture: Palas Inas)
(Picture: Palas Inas)

Inas is an optical light-scattering spectrometer from Palas which measures the time-resolved size distributions of droplets and particles from nebulizers and pharmaceutical inhalers. It has an integrated dilution unit, can operate with suction flowrates up to 100 l/min, and handles particle diameters of 0.2–40 µm at concentrations up to 107/cm3. The spectrometer can track characteristics such as concentration and Sauter diameter at intervals down to 10 ms. The optical system of the Inas is based on Palas’s welas digital 2000/3000 light-scattering spectrometer system, which determines particle concentration and size precisely and reliably.