Innovative Screw Vacuum Pumps Central Vacuum Supply Reduces Energy Consumption by 50 %

Editor: Ahlam Rais

The functions and properties of glass are becoming increasingly diverse and smarter. The demands placed on glass production systems are also increasing accordingly. This not least includes vacuum technology, which forms a central component in the production and processing of glass products. In addition, vacuum lifters guarantee the safe internal transport of heavy and sensitive glass parts. Atlas Copco will be presenting its new variable speed drive vacuum pump series GHS 3800-5400 VSD+ at the Glasstec in Düsseldorf precisely for such applications with a high vacuum requirement.

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With immediate effect, the efficient, variable speed drive GHS VSD+ vacuum pumps are available for intake flows up to 5004 m3/h.
With immediate effect, the efficient, variable speed drive GHS VSD+ vacuum pumps are available for intake flows up to 5004 m3/h.
(Source: Atlas Copco)

With the introduction of these new screw vacuum pumps, the company underlines its commitment to sustainable glass production. In December 2017, the vacuum supplier therefore expanded its portfolio with the modern GHS 3800-5400 VSD+ vacuum pump series. Thanks to their long service life and greatly improved oil cooling and retention, these robust pumps contribute to savings in production processes. Compared with existing technologies, their use has resulted in significantly reduced life cycle costs, explains the company.

Predestined for integration into central vacuum systems

The GHS VSD+ series was developed according to the firm’s proven philosophy and is therefore designed as a durable plug-and-play system in a single housing. The energy efficient units deliver higher volume flows per hour and kilowatt power consumption than vacuum pumps with comparable performance, mentions the firm.

It therefore makes particular sense to convert several decentralised pumps to a central vacuum supply. With a GHS VSD+ system, users can significantly increase their productivity; Atlas Copco reports that energy savings of up to 50 per cent can be achieved in glass production compared to conventional rotary vane vacuum pumps.

Cleaner, cooler working environment

During development of the GHS 3800-5400 VSD+ the company’s design engineers drew from the experience with the established GHS 350-900 VSD+ and GHS 1300-1900 VSD+ series. They also feature high efficiency and reliability and are available as a compact, user and service-friendly package. The screw element at the heart of the pumps offers a lifetime guarantee, while intelligent turbo and humid versions ensure trouble-free performance even in the most difficult application environments.

The coarse vacuum pumps are optionally equipped with air or water cooling. An energy recovery option makes it possible to use the work of the IE3 high-efficiency motor. A clear advantage in ergonomics: the oil retention improves the quality of the exhaust air compared to alternative technologies. This results in a cleaner and cooler working environment, adds the company.

Minimal energy consumption, low maintenance requirements

The Elektronikon Mk5 control system and the speed-controlled drive system (VSD+) make pump operation extremely economical: The pressure set point control function ensures that the pumps deliver the lowest possible vacuum flow to maintain the required vacuum. According to the company, this minimizes energy consumption and reduces operating costs over the lifecycle. The low maintenance required by the series also contributes to efficiency:

There are no rotary vanes that need to be replaced, and the screw element is also maintenance-free for years. In addition, suction filters and oil separators can be replaced without dismantling the piping. Via the Smart link software, the operator can dial in and inform himself in good time about the necessary maintenance work. The system displays all relevant information on an intuitively understandable, graphical user interface. The operating vacuum can be adjusted or changed by pressing a key. This allows users to easily adapt the pump's performance to the respective process requirements, claims the firm.

3 Ideal solutions for remote monitoring

While the Elektronikon Mk5 system allows integration into the user's plant management system, the company’s Smart link provides the ideal solution for remote monitoring. It simplifies maintenance and the provision of data also for service technicians to adjust operating settings in real time. Equipped with customer-oriented plug & play design principles and a compact design, the GHS VSD+ series is quick and easy to install. All necessary components are supplied to the users as a complete package. Trained Atlas Copco engineers are available to ensure smooth commissioning.

Atlas Copco will be presenting its innovative screw vacuum pumps in Hall 15, Stand C03 at the Glasstec expo in Düsseldorf.

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