Uzbekistan: Ethylene Production CB&I Awarded Multi-Technology Contract in Uzbekistan

Editor: Alexander Stark

CB&I has been awarded a technology contract by Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex for a grassroots ethylene complex to be built in southern Uzbekistan.

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Gas processing plant (sample image)
Gas processing plant (sample image)
(Source: CB&I)

The Woodlands/USA — The scope of work includes the license and basic engineering of an ethylene unit, which will use four proprietary SRT heaters, a Hexene-1 unit and a polypropylene unit. The Hexene-1 unit will use CB&I's Comonomer Production Technology for the production of Hexene-1 from low-cost C4s, and the polypropylene unit will use the Novolen gas-phase polypropylene technology for the production of full range polypropylene products.

"CB&I looks forward to providing multiple technologies to SGCC's complex," said Daniel M. McCarthy, CB&I's Executive Vice President of Technology. "This is the second ethylene unit supplied to the complex, which reinforces our presence in central Asia and illustrates how our breadth of technologies can be packaged to deliver a complete solution to our customers through a single point of contact."

Uzbekistan made the strategic decision to use a synthetic naphtha product from its Gas-to-Liquids plant located in the Kashkadarya region for the production of olefins, which can then be used for the production of high-value polymer products.

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