USA: Polypropylene Technology CB&I Announces Plant Opening

Editor: Alexander Stark

CB&I announced the opening of a new polypropylene catalyst production plant in Louisville, Kentucky, developed and implemented in cooperation with Clariant.

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(Source: CB&I)

The Woodlands/USA — The new plant is the largest U.S. production hub for Clariant's catalysts and will produce next generation catalysts for CB&I's Novolen technology licensees and the global polypropylene industry.

"The new plant will manufacture high-performing, innovative catalysts to help the global industry efficiently produce a complete portfolio of polypropylene resins," said Philip K. Asherman, CB&I's President and Chief Executive Officer. "This is an excellent example, from a technology standpoint, of how CB&I is able to control more of our supply chain to benefit our customers and key parts of our business."

CB&I's partnership with Clariant strengthens both companies' position in polypropylene catalyst and technology by leveraging joint research and development efforts, Clariant's production experience and CB&I's expertise in catalyst, process design and licensing of polypropylene plants.

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