Europump Carlo Banfi Elected New Europump President

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Carlo Banfi, Managing Director of Sterling Fluid Systems (Italy) and President of Assopompe, the Italian Pump Manufacturers Association, is the new Europump President. He was elected President in replacement of Dr. Sönke Brodersen (KSB).

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Carlo Banfi, Managing Director of Sterling Fluid Systems (Italy)
Carlo Banfi, Managing Director of Sterling Fluid Systems (Italy)
(Picture: Europump)

Brussels/Belgium – The election of the new Europump Council took place on 8 June during the Europump Annual Assembly 2013 in Prague, the Czech Republic.

“I am very honoured to have been elected Europump President” says Carlo Banfi. “I have been active within Europump for more than a decade, initially as the SME Commission Chairperson and then as Europump Vice-President. I am pleased to have been the catalyst of many encounters and business discoveries.”

Banfi continues: “As a natural progression I will now be leading the way for the association as its President. I will defend and promote our industry in this crucial phase, when energy and resource efficiency, global competition and the economic crisis are challenging us. Europump has grown as a mature and strong organisation in the past few years. I will build on this heritage and make Europump even stronger.”

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