Powder Metal Capacity Expansion at Swedish Powder Metal Plant

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Carpenter plans capacity expansions for its powder metal plants. The first facility to be expanded will be a joint operation with Sandvik at Swedish Torshälla.

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(Picture: Carpenter Technology)
(Picture: Carpenter Technology)

Wyomissing, Pensylvania/USA – Carpeneter Technology has issued plans to expand its Carpenter Powder Products (CPP AB) facility in Sweden. The facility, a joint operation with Sandvik, is one of three powder metal manufacturing plants of Carpenter. For approximately US $ 30 million (200 MSEK), the company aims to double the plant's production capacity until 2013.

“This investment will include construction of a new building, and installation of a melting and gas atomization unit with related powder handling equipment,” said Per-Anders Lundh, Managing Director of CPP AB. “The new facility will more than double current capacity levels to address our customers’ increasing demand for powder metal products. The unit will also feature proprietary technological advancements to provide for improved powder metal quality and mechanical property capabilities.” William Kent, the company's Vice President, added that capacity expansions at Carpenters US sites are currently evaluated.