Process Equipment CAMWorks Helps Modernize Godrej Process Equipment Division

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Geometric, a leader in advanced manufacturing software, announced that through usage of its solids-based CNC programming solution, CAMWorks, Godrej’s Process Equipment Division (PED) has seen quantum improvements in machining processes.

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(Picture: PROCESS)

Mumbai/India - Godrej Process Equipment Division (PED), part of Godrej and Boyce Manufacturing Company, manufactures custom-built and critical equipment for the process industry. The company has embarked on a modernization drive to fulfill customer demands for faster deliveries, while improving process efficiency and quality.

One of the key products that Godrej PED manufactures is pressure vessels. These gigantic equipment comprise of thick pressure vessel tanks that have multiple inlet and outlet nozzles. The main challenge lay in the accurate profiling of these nozzle-weld-profiles to fit the mating part so that the ensuing welding process would have a smoother transition. They, therefore, needed a tool that ensured consistency and repeatability.

CAMWorks addressed this need, by using Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) to consistently define features and mapping them to an intelligent knowledge database, TechDB, to determine the machining processes. With these two technologies as the backbone, CAMWorks has been able to provide cost effective and simple-to-use software to Godrej PED with its advanced 3-Axis module to create the machining program for the WEP of nozzles and their cutouts.

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