USA: Biofuels California’s Biofuel Industry Calls for Public Funding

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Alternative fuels are booming in America’s sunshine state California – Yet, the industry calls on legislators to allocate US $ 210 million from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to biofuel production incentives.

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(Picture: David Roumanet (CC0))

Sacramento, California/USA – California has set itself an ambitious environmental agenda: Analysts assume that by 2030, more than seven billion gallons would be needed to meet the goals of the current administration. It’s the first time that biodiesel, ethanol and biomethane producers cooperate in an initiative like this.

Today, most of the state’s bio-fuels are imported, yet through proper funding, domestic production could increase from 250 million gallons to 906 million gallons per year within the next three years, industry studies indicate. One of the highlights of this plan is the further utilization of in-state biomethane from organic waste which is currently either flared or fugitive gas.