Calculation & Simulation Calculating Fluid Phase Equilibria

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Simulation software company Prosim announces a new version of its best-selling software Simulis Thermodynamics. The new release offers additional functionalities for performing mixture properties and fluid phase equilibria calculations.

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New intuitive interfaces of Simulis Thermodynamics
New intuitive interfaces of Simulis Thermodynamics
(Picture: Prosim)

With this new version of Simulis Thermodynamics 2.0 that is compatible with 64-bit applications (e.g. Excel or Matlab), Prosim provides the industry with a more comprehensive and intuitive tool dedicated to thermodynamic calculations. As 64-bit applications are progressively installed in companies, Prosim reacted to the growing need for a compatible tool with all IT applications. Previous versions of Simulis Thermodynamics were already running under 64-bit versions of Windows, but the new version can now be used in 64-bit applications. The new Simulis 2.0 also includes a new pure-compound physical properties prediction tool for molecules.

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