Explosion Protection Bursting Disc Highlight At Rembe

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Rembe showcased its new KUB Reverse Buckling Pin Bursting Disc: This unit, that precisely responds to a a pre-defined gauge pressure, provides an accurate and reliable pressure protection, stated Thomas Münstermann, Head of Rembe's Process Safety Department.

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Rembe at ACHEMA 2012...
Rembe at ACHEMA 2012...
(Picture: Rembe)

At a predetermined breaking point, the disc opens to a side that has been defined, and thus, release the pressure in a targeted and safe manner. The new bursting disc can be installed in any industrial or chemical area requiring absolute sterility and permeability; e.g. in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological or food processing industries. It offers a high resistance against most chemicals, Rembe stated.