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Quantum leap in magnetic mixing technology!

Bottom Mounted Magnetic Agitator for XXL Bioreactors

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Bottom Mounted Magnetic Agitator for XXL Bioreactors

The white paper discribes a new bottom-mounted magnetic agitator for aseptic mixing processes of high volume cell cultures in bioreactors up to 30,000 liters.

Scaling up mixing processes from laboratory to industry scale is a big challenge because of the conflicting demands on the mixing time, shear forces and hygienic design. The demand from the biotech industry for bigger and bigger vessels for cell cultures, without any quality loss due to inadequate mixing, is huge.

To meet these requirements, the ZETA bottom-mounted agitator has been put through a program of testing for its use in XXL fermenters in a collaborative project with Boehringer Ingelheim and the Institute of Multiphase Flows at Hamburg-Harburg University of Technology.

The white paper discribes the results of the testing in view of

  • performance range
  • stablity with different magnetic agitators
  • performance in large bioreactors with a volume of 15 m³

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Published: 21/06/2017 | ZETA GmbH

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