Biotechnolgy/Pharmaceutical Industry Biotechnolgy Company Rhenovia Launches American Subsidiary

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Rhenovia expands to the US by opening a subsidiary company in Delaware. The company aims to introduce its bio simulation technology on the American healthcare market, officials say. Especially the Greater Boston Area is of interest for the French based biotechnology firm.

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Excecutive team of French biotechnology company Rhenovia. (Picture: Rhenovia)
Excecutive team of French biotechnology company Rhenovia. (Picture: Rhenovia)

Cambridge, Massachusetts/USA – Rhenovia Pharma steps across the pond: The French biotech company opens its first international subsidiary in Delaware. Operations of the new American leg of the company will centred around the Greater Boston Area with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, company officials said.

“It’s the right time to intensify our commercial activity and to move closer to our major pharma and biotech clients, and academic research partners,” said Dr. Serge Bischoff, president and CEO of Rhenovia Pharma. “It’s also time to disseminate worldwide the huge potential of Rhenovia’s breakthrough technology of modelling and simulating neuronal transmission under normal and pathological conditions in the brain, the eye, the spinal cord and muscular junction.”

The company wants to expand its bio simulation technology to the healthcare market, with particular focus on accelerating the search for new treatments of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. To do so, Rhenovia wants to employ service partnership offers in the form of studies using proprietary tools such as High Throughput Search for Synergistic Drug Combinations, Numerical Pharmacological Compound Profiling, anticipation of Safety/Toxicity and Drug-Drug Interaction Risks, and alliances for the implementation of Rhenovia’s biosimulation approach in the Drug Discovery and Development Programs, the company stated.

“It will be a great opportunity to make the search for new medications more efficient, and more generally to provide answers to major societal and economic challenges, showing Rhenovia’s technology can be applied far beyond drug discovery,” expected Bischof.

Today, bio simulation is routinely used in almost all non-CNS therapeutic fields, such as cardiovascular or infectious diseases, oncology, asthma, or HIV. Rhenovia believes that the technology could play an important role in the field of mental, neurological, neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental diseases.