Industrial Biotechnology Biocatalysts: Meeting at the DECHEMA

Editor: Gabriele Ilg

Biocatalysts offer huge possibilities for the industry – no wonder that this year's annual meeting of the Biotransformations section of the DECHEMA focuses on the use of catalysts in the bio-economy.

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(Bild: Dechema)
(Bild: Dechema)

The possibilities seem endless: Biocatalysts offer new approaches for reaction that were previously impossible or inefficient. Advantages are a high selectivity and comparatively mild reaction conditions. Now the German Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology DECHEMA addresses these possibilities at the annual meeting of its Biotransformations section in Frankfurt/Germany (April 25th to 26th).

A selection of high-class keynote speakers will sum up the current development and trends within the industry: Prof. Dr. Bernhardt Hauer of Hamburg–Harburg university will give insight into industrial processes. Dr. Juergen Eck of the German biotech–research–network presents facts about multistep processes while Dr. Jiri Damborsky of Czech Masaryk University adresses design and engineering processes for biocatalysts.

Apart from these lecturers, the DECHEMA wants to encourage young scientists (PhD students, post-docs, fellowship and young industrial scientists) to present their works to an audience of professionals.

Date: April 24th-25th 2012 Venue: Dechema Haus, Frankfurt/Germany Host: Dechema