ACHEMA Bioeconomy BiobasedWorld at ACHEMA …a New Format for the Bioeconomy.

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Biorefineries, biobased products, renewable resources, industrial biotechnology — the bio-based economy is not a buzzword, but living reality. Not only is a new biotechnology in-dustry with new players entering the field, but established industries like the chemical and other process industries are undergoing a rapid transformation. New raw materials and innovative biotechnological processes call in turn for adjustments in equipment, MSR and automation technologies and many more.

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(Picture: DECHEMA)
(Picture: DECHEMA)

ACHEMA 2012 reflects this development within the platform “BiobasedWorld at ACHEMA”. It offers the unique chance for established industry players and new market entrants as well as scientists and investors to meet in one place and discuss state-of-the-art technolo-gies and products.

Bioeconomy: A Common Thread Through the Whole Exhibition

The new concept acknowledges the fact that biotechnology and renewables play a part in virtually all exhibition groups. Therefore, while offering a physical hotspot in form of the BiobasedWorld forum in Hall 9, BiobasedWorld is not constricted to a certain area, but aims at making the biobased economy visible throughout the exhibition. The Biobased-World forum will act as a center of gravitation, offering a platform for special events such as the technology transfer days. Technology transfer days provide a compact format for the presentation of market-ready technologies to potential partners and investors; in 10minute presentations, researchers may introduce their offering to the audience.

The ACHEMA congress also addresses the bio-based economy with several focus sessions. Topics include e.g. Bioprocesses (covering the complete value chain from cell culture via reactors to downstream processing), Single Use Reactors, Bionics, Food Biotechnology, Biorefineries and Novel Biocatalysts. Additional workshops and events include a presenta-tion of German Bioindustry 2012 Leading to Bioeconomy and an accelerator forum of the European SME-oriented BIOCHEM project featuring a Business Model Competition and a Venture Capital Day. Further dedicated sessions and workshops will address questions like public funding, investment opportunities and appropriate business models.

Bioecenomy Networking at ACHEMA

To facilitate networking, ACHEMA has for the first time installed a partnering scheme open to all exhibitors and visitors within and beyond the BiobasedWorld. Exhibitors and visitors can register two months in advance of the event. The system matches cooperation re-quests and offers and creates an individual meeting schedule; meetings may take place either at exhibition stands or in a dedicated partnering area.

The bio-economy is a truly international project that will result in new cooperations and division of work across the globe. Companies and researchers wishing to participate in this process should use the chances a truly global platform like ACHEMA can offer by bringing the biobased world to Frankfurt.

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