Gas Processing Bilfinger Wins Contracts in Dubai

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

Bilfinger group company Tebodin has received three contracts from Dubai Natural Gas Company Limited (Dugas). The company is extending a Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) plant, planning an additional storage for butane gas and also executing an Environmental Impact Assessment for the project.

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Bilfinger Industrial Technologies strengthening its position in Middle East.
Bilfinger Industrial Technologies strengthening its position in Middle East.
(Picture: PROCESS)

Frankfurt am Main/Germany – At the production plant in Jebel Ali, Dubai, Tebodin’s customer Dugas owns and operates a gas processing facility for producing MTBE and liquefied gas. A greater volume of MTBE in gasoline enhances combustion, thus reducing the hydrocarbon emissions in vehicle exhaust gases and helping to lower harmful substances.

With the support of Bilfinger Industrial Technologies’ engineers of Tebodin, MTBE capacity at the site is to be increased from 500,000 to 675,000 million tons of MTBE a year.

The multidisciplinary project particularly entails detailed design of the expansion and preparation of the Front End Engineering Design of the additional butane storage tanks. Furthermore, Tebodin has also been awarded a contract for the preparation of an EPC tender package for the additional butane storage facility and the execution of the Environmental Impact Assessment including the reliquefaction.

The project will be carried out by Tebodin’s Dubai office involving approximately 42,000 man/hours. The Bilfinger Industrial Technologies subsidiary has been active in Dubai since 1981, focusing in oil & gas, industrial and infrastructure market.

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