Water Treatment Beneath the Surface: Joint Efforts Get Water Treatment Projects Going in Record Speed

Editor: Dominik Stephan

H2O Innovation India, a joint venture of Chembond Chemicals (India) and H2 Innovation of Quebec City (Canada), has just commissioned its first major water treatment system, for Larsen & Toubro (L&T) Heavy Engineering. According to the company, unique in India, this 7,000 m3/day system combining ultrafiltration pre-treatment and reverse osmosis treatment is a technological showcase for them. But why so?

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H2O Innovation India’s first major water treatment system for L&T is functional now.
H2O Innovation India’s first major water treatment system for L&T is functional now.
(Picture: H2O Innovative)

Mumbai-based H2O Innovation India has designed, assembled and installed a water treatment system for the nuclear forging facility of Larsen & Toubro Heavy Engineering, located at Hazira, Surat Metropolitan Region, in Gujarat.

According to H2O Innovation sources, the system is operating and is in fact running great. It has been designed and assembled on site for Larsen & Toubro. The world-class water treatment and reuse system is unique in India – considering its limited space occupancy besides its performance running at a stable ninety per cent recovery rate. L&T has found it fully conforming to their specifications.


The Water Treatment System and Its at a Glance

Fed with Tapi river’s water, the membrane filtration system developed by the company has a total capacity exceeding 7,000 m3/day i.e., approximately 1,321 gallons per minute (gpm). The water purified through reverse osmosis is then used as process water for the steel forging facility, but subsidiary treatment systems have also been provided for steam boilers, compressors and cooling towers. The system’s global recovery rate reaches ninety per cent, which reduces losses in this arid region of India. It uses Amiad automatic pre-filters, Dow PVDF ultrafiltration membranes and Hydranautics high-tech ESPA2-LD reverse osmosis membranes with low fouling potential.

Significant Features Make the Project Unique

Occupying limited space, because of its integrated and optimised design, the system provides a quiet operation. With a view to reducing the noise produced by the system, engineers from H2O Innovation India and Larsen & Toubro have installed the feed and recirculation pumps below the ground level, which is an innovative approach in India. Thereby, not only the space occupied by the plant has reduced, but also its noise annoyance level has been kept to very minimum...

But how could a company that was only constituted less than six months earlier, take up a water treatment project of this scope? Expertrise, trust and cooperation are at least part of the solution...