Antioxidant Production Middle East BASF To Build Antioxidants Production in Bahrain

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The German chemicals giant expands its presence in the Middle East with a new customer specific antioxidant blends (CSBs) production in Bahrain. CSBs are key additives for the polymer production and therefore a sought-after raw material in the Arabian petrochemical industry.

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(Picture: BASF)
(Picture: BASF)

Ludwigshafen/Germany – BASF plans to begin construction works in Bahrain in September. With a capacity of 16,000 tons per year, the Bahrain facility will be among the world's largest CSB plants. Operational status is expected for the end of 2012.

Hans W. Reiners, President of BASF’s Performance Chemicals division, explained this strategic move: “We are very happy to establish a state-of-the-art CSB production site close to our customers in this fast growing region. This is backed by our powerful production network of antioxidants in Asia, Europe and the Americas making us worldwide one of the leading partners to the plastic processing industry with a product portfolio unmatched in terms of broadness and quality. BASF is very much committed to further strengthen its plastic additives business ranging from antioxidants and lightstabilizers to pigments.”

BASF already cooperates with Saudi Arabian Astra Polymer on the manufacturing of CSBs. With the new Bahrain production site, the company expects to strengthen its position on the booming Middle Eastern market, becoming a major producer of speciality polymers in the regions. Plans for a joint-venture with Astra were, nevertheless, postponed in 2010.

“The expected growth of the plastic polymer production in Middle East will get an additional push by increasing efforts to grow the plastics downstream market locally. As BASF, we are committed to accompany such growth with technical solutions and flexible supply patterns which are only possible as a local supplier,” said John Frijns, Senior Vice President Plastics Additives Europe/EAWA. “This will help us to deliver high quality products tailor-made to the demand of the industry. Furthermore, the proximity to our main customers will ensure a flexible and reliable supply.”