Catalysts BASF Launches Fine Chemical Catalysts Production Line in India

Editor: Dominik Stephan

BASF India celebrated the launch of its precious metal-based fine chemical catalysts production plant and product development laboratory at the company’s operating site in Mangalore. It is company’s first precious metal- based fine chemical catalysts manufacturing and development plant in the Asia Pacific region.

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(Picture: BASF/Detlef W. Schmalow)

Mangalore/India - The catalysts manufactured at the Mangalore plant will allow company’s customers to produce fine chemicals including active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), agrochemicals, nutrition components and flavors and fragrances. API and agrochemicals remain critical to the production of new and life-saving drugs and to feeding the world’s increasing population.

“We see great market potential in India and the region. The start-up of the facility in Mangalore, India, will allow us to respond to customers even quicker and further enhance our efficiency of logistics and supply of fine chemical products across the country,” said Chairman, BASF Companies in India & Head South Asia, Dr Raman Ramachandran.