New Leadership For Global Success


Marcus Eisenhuth (on the right) and Heiko Laubheimer aim to boost BARTEC’s impact and profile. A global player that serves its customers and protects people and the environment.

It was the ideal time for a change. After twelve years of hard work, rewarded recently with the award for “Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015”, Dr Ralf Köster handed over the reins of the BARTEC Group to the new dual leadership consisting of COO Marcus Eisenhuth and CFO Heiko Laubheimer. BARTEC INSIGHT speaks to the two Co-CEOs about their plans.

Mr Laubheimer, what is your joint vision for BARTEC?

Laubheimer: We want to turn BARTEC into a “real” global player. That means we want to be market leader, or at least number two, in every market and every provided application. Our mission is to do everything to protect people, the environment and the properties of our customers – from individual employees to the immediate environment of the respective installation.

What does that mean for future strategy, Mr Eisenhuth?

Eisenhuth: Around the world, our customers expect the same high level of presence and product-related support. With this in mind, we will continue to work on offerring all relevant certifications worldwide and expand our engineering services.

What changes can customers expect from this?

Laubheimer: Our customers will still be able to count on BARTEC as a reliable partner in all current areas. But in addition to that, they will get even faster service and a wider product range.

Eisenhuth: We also want to make it even easier for our customers to use our products. We are already supporting the transition in many sectors to a younger and less experienced generation of staff through system services such as consulting or configuration. There is a great opportunity here.

What are your concrete aims for 2016?

Eisenhuth: In the oil and gas sector, we want to help shape the foreseeable recovery right from the start and fully exploit the backlog of investments. Until then, we’ll also be keeping our eyes open for potential acquisition targets who can expand our technology portfolio in specific areas. At the same time, we also want to continue growing in the process industry, particularly in new regions. One recent example of how we are focusing the growth of our global presence is the new production facility in Kazakhstan, which we are using to increase our local content for the Russian economic area.

Mr Laubheimer, in addition to your role as CFO, you are now also responsible for Sales. How confident are you that you will be able to turn your vision into reality?

Laubheimer: As CFO, I was heavily involved in the development of the BARTEC Group. I know the company very well and know how we can release a lot of energy quickly and easily for our new tasks. As a result of this, we in Sales will gain time to understand and respond to customer requirements even better.

Mr Eisenhuth, alongside your position as COO, you are responsible for Communication and Marketing, as well as actively supporting Sales. What makes you optimistic?

Eisenhuth: After fifteen months at BARTEC, I know that we can build on a team of excellent employees that has turned the business from a mid-sized company in Germany into a global company. That is why I have no doubt that, with this level of dedication and open communication, we will also be able to take the next step successfully together.

Mr Laubheimer, what do you value about BARTEC?

Laubheimer: The whole company has a great entrepreneurial spirit. Many of our employees are extraordinarily committed and set high standards for the quality of their own work. Apart from that, I value the strong focus on customers. I have never seen such an intense focus of this kind outside the consumer sector.

What about you, Mr Eisenhuth?

Eisenhuth: I’m also inspired by the extraordinary levels of dedication our employees show, as well as the innovative strength and technological sophistication of our products. I am looking forward to taking the necessary steps, together with Mr Laubheimer, that will enable BARTEC to act even more effectively on the market.