Minor ingredient automation systems


Minor ingredient automation systems involves the fully-automated feeding of precisely-weighed small and minor quantities, ingredients and additives into the mixing process.

The AZO COMPONENTER® with its round, linear and synchronised design is a safe solution for exact weighing. The DOSINENTER® with DosiBoxes® and DosiLogistic® with integrated product and operator protection are a cost-effective alternative for the automatic handling of small components when using frequently changing components.

AZO COMPONENTER® - Circular design

Animations: COMPONENTER® - Circular design

AZO COMPONENTER® - Linear design

Animations: COMPONENTER® - Linear design

AZO COMPONENTER® - Indexing design

Animations: COMPONENTER® - Indexing design

AZO COMPONENTER® - Batch container

Animations: COMPONENTER® - Batch container on AGV

DOSINENTER® with DosiLogistic®

AZO data sheets:

Animations: Minor ingredient automation with DosiLogistic®

Operator-controlled weighing centre

AZO data sheets:

AZO ShuttleDos®

AZO data sheets:

Animations: AZO ShuttleDos®